Wednesday 27 February 2013

Another one (0x0004)

Today was a good day. I worked pretty hard and afterwards spent a good amount of quality time with my girlfriend. Today was a good day ...

And yet I still have work to do until next Wednesday. So I should probably tell you what I do, as voluntary work: I'm an art editor for a magazine called "SCHRÆGSTRICH" [link is in German]. And I love it.
Duh. Otherwise I wouldn't do it.

Our next topic is "Glück", which is German for happiness (or luck, but we concentrate on happiness). And, well, almost every feature and item is complete, but we still need some pictures.

I'll keep you posted on how far I am with the magazine.

BTW, in 2014 my next solo exhibition is due ... Get ready ...!

Saturday 23 February 2013

More past? No.

So, what will you find over the following ... erm ... year? Years? Whatever, I don't know how long I will post without reactions. What will you find here?

As so many probably told you before me: I don't know.
I have my own problems, but really? Should I lay them out before the general public like I had nothing better to do?
Even worse, should I do that, with the general public able to pinpoint me in the masses ...!?

Well, I probably won't lay out problems that include felonies, so ...
I don't know.
Anyone still reading this?
Please at least comment, so I know this is not a diary for me myself and I ...!

"Sleepover" at a friend's house tonight, if you can call it a "sleepover" with almost 30 ...

Ah, and just in case you were wondering if all I ever listened to was Rammstein: Listen to Laura Marling's "Night Terror". And if you are not easily scared, even watch the videos. yes, two videos.

Friday 22 February 2013


Let's take a look at the past, shall we:

Welp, that's me. A few years ago.
To be exact, it was 20091201 ( = 2009, December 1st). The date of my first vernissage. All my friends and family were there, some even had to stay overnight because the journey back home would have been too far for travelling at night ...
I even sold some pictures ... And I still can't believe that I did.

A few weeks later, I had my second solo exhibition - thanks to a friend of mine who was quite excited about my pictures.

And in June or July of 2010, I finally sold the picture you can see in the background. Here's a better image:
My first commissioned work. The commissioner was quite impressed in the end. So was I, to be honest. I was impressed by myself. I didn't think I could do that ... but I did.

So, enough past for now. If you would like to know what else I paint, look at this page.

Next time, you'll read some more English. Duh.

Thursday 21 February 2013

Well ...

... what brought you here ...?!

Nevermind, since you're here, I guess you could help me moving those stones? Oh, they're just the stones on my path of life.

P.S.: More after I have slept a few hours ... Bear with me, would you kindly ...