Saturday 23 February 2013

More past? No.

So, what will you find over the following ... erm ... year? Years? Whatever, I don't know how long I will post without reactions. What will you find here?

As so many probably told you before me: I don't know.
I have my own problems, but really? Should I lay them out before the general public like I had nothing better to do?
Even worse, should I do that, with the general public able to pinpoint me in the masses ...!?

Well, I probably won't lay out problems that include felonies, so ...
I don't know.
Anyone still reading this?
Please at least comment, so I know this is not a diary for me myself and I ...!

"Sleepover" at a friend's house tonight, if you can call it a "sleepover" with almost 30 ...

Ah, and just in case you were wondering if all I ever listened to was Rammstein: Listen to Laura Marling's "Night Terror". And if you are not easily scared, even watch the videos. yes, two videos.

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