Friday 22 February 2013


Let's take a look at the past, shall we:

Welp, that's me. A few years ago.
To be exact, it was 20091201 ( = 2009, December 1st). The date of my first vernissage. All my friends and family were there, some even had to stay overnight because the journey back home would have been too far for travelling at night ...
I even sold some pictures ... And I still can't believe that I did.

A few weeks later, I had my second solo exhibition - thanks to a friend of mine who was quite excited about my pictures.

And in June or July of 2010, I finally sold the picture you can see in the background. Here's a better image:
My first commissioned work. The commissioner was quite impressed in the end. So was I, to be honest. I was impressed by myself. I didn't think I could do that ... but I did.

So, enough past for now. If you would like to know what else I paint, look at this page.

Next time, you'll read some more English. Duh.

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